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We believe it is not only what you make, but more importantly what you keep that matters. At Ratón Wealth, focusing on your entire financial picture starts by developing a plan that will maintain and increase your wealth based on your financial situation, goals and comfort level with risk. After the original plan is developed, we regularly monitor the progress toward your goals, review and rebalance your financial portfolio, and investigate whether additional services are needed to provide peace of mind that can only come from knowing all aspects of your financial life are working well together.

Why the name Ratón

Using the same philosophy Lamborghini uses to name their cars, I looked for inspiration from great Spanish bulls. I love animals and usually root for the underdog. So when I heard the story of Ratón, I knew I had to name the firm after him.

Born in April 2001, 500 kg (1,100 lb). Ratón was given his name for his diminutive size as a calf, ("Mouse" in English). A Spanish fighting bull that was nicknamed el toro asesino (the killer bull) for killing three people in bullfighting rings in Spain between 2006–11 and injuring thirty more. The bull became legendary in Spain due to the large number of gorings for which he was responsible. Bullfighting fans regarded him as a star and traveled from across the country to see him at his home.

He first appeared in the bullring in September 2002 and gored a matador for the first time in Canals, Valencia, in 2004. As well as participating in bull running in the streets (encierros in Spanish), Ratón also often performed in the recortes, a style of bullfighting in which members of the public dodge the bull around obstacles placed in a bullring. At one such event held in Museros in 2005, Ratón gored a dozen people and injured several more in another event at Yátova in 2006