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It's About YOU Not US

Our business is built on a Fiduciary and Fee-Only client relationships.

We aim to give clients what you truly want:

  • Understanding and Clarity of your financial plan
  • Opportunity to avoid large market downturns thus protecting your investments
  • Personalized strategy based on your situation, goals and risk tolerance
  • Planning for both Retirement and Today

The biggest fear most investors have is running out of money or needing to drastically sacrifice their lifestyle.  We assist you in creating and maintaining a customized plan to avoid these terrible outcomes. 

Our Promise to you

Who We Do It For

We focus our expertise on providing customized solutions to upper and middle class professionals as well as pre and post retirees.  

Our investing belief was forged by learning from family offices around the world. Taking transparent stock and ETF strategies and applying our proprietary tactical overlay on top to avoid large losses.  

Message from Founder and CEO

Paul E Coan CFP®, ChFC®, CEA®

A Few Accolades

Five Star Wealth Manager

Five Star Wealth Manager award, administered by Five Star Professional to individuals who provide exceptional service


Top 250 Wealth Managers

Worth has long been dedicated to helping readers build, invest and share their wealth wisely.


Top Financial Planner

Consumers' Research Council of America compiles a list of Top Financial Planners throughout the United States


Founder and CEO

Paul Coan

Founder and CEO

(317) 537-7801

[email protected]

My investing belief was forged by learning from family offices around the world. It's not what you make investing, it's what you keep....which can best be accomplished by avoiding large market downturns. Investing is not only my job,...

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Why the name Ratón

Using the same philosophy Lamborghini uses to name their cars, I looked for inspiration from great Spanish bulls. I love animals and usually root for the underdog. So when I heard the story of Ratón, I knew I had to name the firm after him.

Born in April 2001, at 1,100 lb. Ratón was given his name for his diminutive size, ("Mouse" in English). Later nicknamed el toro asesino (the killer bull) for killing three people in bullfighting rings in Spain between 2006–11 and injuring thirty more. He became legendary due to the large number of gorings for which he was responsible. Bullfighting fans regarded him as a star and traveled from across the country to see him.

He first appeared in the bullring in September 2002 and gored a matador for the first time in Canals, Valencia, in 2004. As well as participating in bull running in the streets, Ratón also often performed in the recortes, a style of bullfighting in which members of the public dodge the bull around obstacles placed in a bullring. At one such event held in Museros in 2005, Ratón gored a dozen people and injured several more in another event at Yátova in 2006